Mobile Homes: Most Serious Air-Leakage Sites

Improving the comfort and energy efficiency of a mobile home (now called “manufactured home”) can present special challenges.  Keeping the conditioned air inside the home and the unconditioned air on the outside can be particularly difficult, due to the home’s design for intended mobility.

Prior to attempting to remedy air-leakage, owners and occupants of mobile homes should ensure that a diagnostic analysis is performed before and after the air sealing efforts to ensure that there is safe levels of air for proper ventilation and to prevent the growth of mold.

The most serious areas for air leakage in mobile homes are:

1.  Water heater closets with exterior doors.

2.  Plumbing penetrations in floors, walls and ceilings.

3.  Torn or missing underbelly.

4.  The joints between the halves of doublewide mobile homes.

5.  Joints between the main dwelling and any additions that might have been added.

6.  Large gaps around chimneys (furnace and water heater).

7.  Deteriorated floors in water heater compartments.

8.  Gaps around electrical service panels, fans and light fixtures.

9.  Jalousie windows.

10.  Leaking crossover air ducts.

One response

  1. … Open plenum return plan using the road barrier as plenum.
    … Supplies not sealed to the floor.
    … Window trim/extension jambs.

    Thank goodness for blower doors!

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