2019, thus far – Our Most Interesting Claims

The owner of a condominium building suffered damage to an expensive copper and slate tile roof and filed an insurance claim. The adjuster inspected the damage and determined that there was no damage associated with the storm. He decided to add weight to his denial of the claim by paying an engineer to inspect the roof and agree with him, which the engineer dutifully complied. The owner’s contractor recommended that he contact me to see if I could assist him. After a very close review of the engineer’s written report, I found language in it that supported the owner’s claim and in a matter of a few weeks, we negotiated a payment of over $21,000.00 to repair his roof.

The owner of a dwelling that was over 125 years old and located in a historical district suffered hail damage to a very unique roofing system made from materials that have not been manufactured since 1945. Using an engineering report that they had acquired from a young man who had graduated engineering school eighteen months prior to this inspection, his insurance company offered the owner a small amount of money to make insufficient repairs that were not consistent with the design of the roof or with the ordinances enforced within the historical district. After several months of fruitless debate with his insurance company and with the recommendation of his roofing contractor, he contacted me. I negotiated a payment with his insurance company for over $236,000.00.

The owner of a commercial building that had suffered serious damage from wind and hail filed a claim with his out of state insurance company, in Florida. Although the roof was damaged to the point that it was leaking water into the businesses below, his insurance company hired an engineer to agree with their decision to deny the claim, refused to pay him and did not answer his inquiries for over six months. He contacted me for assistance. After three months of negotiations and using nothing more than the language contained in the engineering report that the insurance company had used to deny the claim, the insurance company finally agreed to pay over $682,000.00 for the replacement of the destroyed roof.

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