Looking for a Public Adjuster in Arkansas?

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     I receive many telephone calls and email inquiries from insurance policyholders living in Northwest Arkansas who are seeking assistance with improperly denied or underpaid insurance claims.  Sadly, I must turn them away.

      Thanks to their elected officials and the lobbyists from the insurance industry who help to fund their reelections, Arkansas home and business owners who file claims and are improperly denied coverage or underpaid by their insurance companies have fewer options than most other Americans.  

     If you own property in Arkansas, your insurance adjuster’s word is final.  What he offers is all you get unless you hire an attorney and sue.

     The Department of Insurance in Arkansas, in a very unusual way, actually considers their restrictions that limit the options for their citizens to be fully indemnified under their insurance policy as a service to them.  The folks who I have spoken to do not agree.

     Every politician in Arkansas holds their office with the permission of the people they serve.  When enough politicians in that state decide it to be more profitable to serve their constituents than lobbyists, good things might come to the good people of Northwest Arkansas.  Until that happens, your home and financial status rest totally in the hands of your insurance adjuster and the insurance company he is paid to serve.

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