James H. Bushart, PA

Who He Is.

James H. Bushart is an experienced and licensed public adjuster with a proven record of success in negotiating personal and commercial insurance claims on behalf of policyholders for damage caused by fire, smoke, water, and storm, including reversals of denied insurance claims – even when those denials were based upon reports written by engineers and other professionals for the insurance company.

What He Does.

He represents Missouri policyholders and businesses with damage claims to real property but specializes in residential and commercial building claims that have been improperly denied by insurance companies that used reports from engineers to support their denials.

He has turned insurance claim denials into paid claims by actually using the same engineer reports that the insurance company had used to deny them.  He has reopened many closed claims that paid policyholders only hundreds of dollars and re-negotiated final payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars by way of a thorough investigation and the use of correct and effective interpretations of policy coverage language applied to proven existing damage. 

How He Can Assist You.

Over the last decade, Jim Bushart has become the “go-to guy” for policyholders, contractors, and attorneys who seek his service and advice for fair and reasonable settlements of insurance claims without lengthy and expensive litigation.

His distinctive background as a Department of Defense claims adjuster/paralegal, Certified Building Analyst, and municipal residential and commercial building inspector provides him with the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to correctly interpret and apply insurance policy conditions and requirements to damaged Missouri private and commercial structures.

Rather than settling on a “middle ground” compromise between two estimates, Jim Bushart has developed a technique that is unique among public adjusters; one that often results in full payments that address the full cost of restoring damaged property to its pre-damaged condition, rather than lowballed estimations.

Not every insurance claim requires hiring a public adjuster, but when suspicions of unfair treatment from their insurance carriers are confirmed, or when claims are complicated and difficult to present,  he will agree to represent the policyholder, thoroughly investigate their claims, and turn many of their frustrations, fears, and denials into cash.  Perhaps he can help you, too.



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