Do You Want Help With Your Insurance Claim?


Filing an insurance claim can be a very frustrating, sometimes intimidating, and often disappointing experience. 

Many insurance policyholders are surprised and dismayed by how quickly they can go from being a valued customer on the day they pay their insurance premium, to an adversary on the day they file their first major claim. 

My name is Jim Bushart, and I am a Public Adjuster located in and licensed by the State of Missouri.  Missouri policyholders are not only my specialty but are the only people I serve.  

I can help you with your insurance claim for damage or loss to your home or business. 

I have an impressive record of success, representing and assisting Missouri home and business owners with the recovery of fair settlements from their insurance companies for their property damage claims.  


When you call 314-803-2167, you will be speaking directly with me, the only public adjuster who will be handling your claim — not a sales representative or solicitor who will be passing you on to someone else.  

The number you call will be answered only by me in Missouri, not by an out of state broker who will “assign you” to someone else in their network. 

Importantly, 100% of my experience, training, and expertise has been exclusively focused on Missouri insurance policies, Missouri policyholders,  and Missouri insurance claims.

Not every insurance claim requires assistance from a public adjuster … but not every claim can be successfully adjusted without one, either.  It will cost you nothing to see if I can help you.   Call today for a free consultation.

“Don’t get angry.  Get paid!”

Licensed, bonded, and insured.


Free Consultation

It will cost you nothing to see if I can help you.  Contact me – today – for a free/no obligation consultation.

Serving all of Missouri and only in Missouri.

Columbia, Springfield, , St. Louis, St. Charles, Rolla, Moberly, Wildwood, Union, Washington, Lebanon, Hazelwood, Florissant and more

Cell:  314-803-2167   Fax:  417-847-6688

Drop Jim Bushart a note …





6 responses

    • Thank you for the great article on “Home Owners and Asbestos Exposure”, Marvin. This is something that every home owner and dweller should know.

      I invite anyone with information that can benefit home owners to share it through this blog, as Marvin did.


  1. Jim Bushart is the best public adjuster around! He can handle it all, and is the epitome of professionalism, knowledge and courtesy. This is the man you want in your corner! I would be hard pressed to find an insurance company nightmare similar to what I’ve suffered, but I can bet, and win, that with Jim Bushart behind the consumer, the settlement you would not have been able to achieve on your was noterely vindication, but gratifying as well! I would not have had my insurer even pay a visit to my home without Jim Bushart.


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