Consulting Services for Contractors

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Over the years, I have worked and spoken with hundreds of contractors in Missouri who routinely deal with the frustration of trying to provide excellent and meaningful service to private and commercial building owners while insurance adjusters are working against them each step of the way.

While the law in Missouri forbids an exterior contractor from representing a policyholder with an insurance claim, the contractor is still the expert and authority on both the scope of the work and the costs to cure the damage being claimed.  At best, adjusters can only estimate what the job might cost.  Contractors, on the other hand, are skilled to do the work and will be the ones charging for it. The contractor may not be able to negotiate an insurance claim or discuss the policy language with the carrier, but if he stays within the prescribed boundaries, he can firmly assert his expert knowledge in the context of what it will take to restore the property to its pre-damaged condition.

As we know, a Missouri professional contractor walks a thin line as he tries to balance the best interests and demands of his customer, the profitability of his business, the lack of cooperation and interference by the insurance adjuster, and the Missouri Attorney General’s office which oversees and enforces the rules that limit what he can say and not say to the carrier about the insurance claim – all at the same time.

There are, however, clear ways through this seemingly tangled web.  Most of them are simple and will allow the contractor to avoid the “nickel and diming” and other roadblocks and landmines that insurance adjusters pride themselves in using to dominate contractors, set their prices as to what they can and cannot charge, and reduce their profits. 

Forcing you to cut corners and provide less than the very best quality and service to your customer, just to help the insurance adjuster get an “atta boy” from his boss, is not good business and does not serve your customer.

I am interested in working with and assisting honest and skilled professional contractors.  They are important to my business and I believe that I can help theirs, as well.


Services I Provide to Professional Contractors

          • Online (Zoom) discussion covering the following topics: (1) How to get your price without arguing with an insurance adjuster, (2) How NOT to help the insurance company’s engineer sabotage your customer’s claim, (3) How to properly address code issues in your communication with the insurance adjuster, (4) Your questions & answers.
          • Document review.
          • Telephone consultations.

(My fees for these services are nominal and reasonable.  I am more interested in knowing and equipping honest professionals that I can work with.  Contact me for a quote.  This service is provided by James H. Bushart, Public Adjuster LLC.) 

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