Litigation Consulting for Attorneys

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Document Reviews/Claims Investigations

     The insurance company’s engineer wrote his report to reflect that the hail damage to the soft metal on the commercial roof was “cosmetic”, the other roofing materials were not damaged, and the carrier informed their policyholder that he was not entitled to any recovery.  My subsequent investigation revealed that the policy covered hail dents to soft metals, that the removal and replacement of the soft metals would compromise the overlapping roofing materials, and the policyholder was entitled to a payment of more than $125,000.00 to cover his loss.  The payment was issued, immediately. 

     As you know, there is more to finding coverage and fairly settling an insurance claim than studying policy language, alone.   An independent claim investigation might be helpful to you as you prepare to negotiate or litigate on behalf of your client.  

Vexatious Acts on the Part of Insurance Carriers Are My Specialty.

     In addition to my special knowledge, skills, and experience regarding the proper method for processing insurance claims for damaged real property in Missouri as a licensed public adjuster, I have particular expertise in matters pertaining to vexatious acts performed by insurance carriers regarding their misuse of engineer reports to unreasonably and unjustifiably withholding payment of claims from their policyholders. 

     As a licensed public adjuster with the combined experiences of claims investigation and claims adjusting (both for the insured and the insurer), building inspection and analysis, and report writing,  I  find inconsistencies, contradictions, omissions, and errors in engineer reports and insurance adjuster communications that are typically overlooked.

     Without the aid of litigation and a court to back me up, I have successfully identified and negotiated payment for claims where insurance company representatives had exploited error and ambiguity to refuse to pay valid claims without reasonable or justifiable cause and hid behind engineer reports they knew to be incomplete, errant, or in favor of the policyholder’s claim.  In several of these instances, my investigations revealed that the insurance carrier had gone as far as to intentionally misrepresent to their policyholders the content of engineer reports.  By compelling the insurer to reopen claims that should have been paid, and then negotiating large cash settlements (the largest being a single payment of $692,000.00), I have been able to use my expertise to assist my clients who were not treated fairly by their insurance carriers. 

     My decades of experience in building inspection, review of countless engineer reports, and specialized knowledge and experience in claims handling procedures provide me with the special knowledge, skill, and experience I need to fully interpret and identify vexatious actions connected with these reports and to provide service to attorneys (under Federal Rule 702) and others seeking justice as a litigation consultant.

Services Provided.

     The litigation consultation services I provide to an attorney are, as follows:

        • Reviewing documents
        • Conducting an investigation
        • Performing research
        • Forming an opinion
        • Drafting a report 
        • Consulting with retaining counsel 
        • Giving a sworn deposition
        • Testifying at trial


     A copy of my CV, fee schedule, and retention agreement is available upon request.  You may contact me by my cell phone at 314-803-2167 or by email at  If you prefer, you can contact me using the form, below.