Richard and Mary Beauchamp, Manchester MO

“My wife and I were having work performed on our property by a contractor that convinced me that I needed more work done to my house than was needed and destroyed it in the process. After paying this contractor a considerable amount of money, we tried to get the materials delivered to our property that was due to us. He either could not or would not produce these materials. We called our attorney and he advised us that we needed someone who could represent our case to the insurance company since this contractor took our money and destroyed our house. We received Mr. Bushart’s name from our financial advisor who was helpful in finding such a person. Mr. Bushart is a Licensed Public Adjuster who handles cases between insured persons and their insurance companies. His expertise is vast and his knowledge is convincing. Without his expert handling of my case with my insurance company, I would not have recovered anything. I can with all faith and honesty recommend James H. Bushart. Without his help I would have made many mistakes and suffered greatly.”