Free Review of Your Denied Missouri Insurance Claim


     Sometimes the insurance carrier gets it wrong.  By intent or negligence, in good faith or bad, insurance companies often deny claims that should have been paid.  Perhaps this has happened to you. 

     If you believe that your Missouri claim was denied and should have been paid, I invite you to send information to me for a review at no cost to you to see if I may be able to assist you in achieving a fair settlement for your claim.  (If your claim is not in Missouri, I will not be able to assist you since I am licensed and specialize only in Missouri insurance claims; however, a licensed public adjuster in your state can review it for you.)

     Insurance companies that are uncertain about a claim or are seeking an exclusion they can use to deny it, will often rely upon the judgment of others, such as engineers, to provide them with the “certainty” they need.  Often, the insurance carriers’ experts go beyond the limits of your policy and/or the facts in providing their input which can result in a partially or completely denied claim that should be paid.  Perhaps this has also happened to you.

     You may call me to discuss this or, if you prefer, you can send a brief description of the events surrounding your Missouri residential or business property claim and its denial to, and attach to that email a digital copy of your insurance policy, the engineer report, and a copy of the letter of denial sent to you by your insurance company, I will review this information and respond to you within five business days with my thoughts and, if applicable, how I might be able to assist you in recovering money that is owed to you by your insurance company.

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